Slow and steady


I’m at about the halfway point with Derecho. I love everything about this project right now. The knitting is simple and soothing, the yarn is soft and beautiful, and I anticipate the finished result will be a perfect summer tee to wear in the Texas heat.

I’ve been knitting mostly in the evening while listening to podcasts. I just finished The Dating Game Killer and started Joe Exotic (I already watched the Netflix documentary). I have developed a deep affection for true crime podcasts that begin when a friend introduced me to My Favorite Murder. I still haven’t found another podcast that holds a candle to the piece de resistance from Georgia and Karen (They are sooo brilliant and funny), but I do enjoy the true crime genre. Some of my favs are Generation Why, True Crime Garage, Unsolved Murders and Criminal, and I’m always open to new suggestions, if you have any!

I can’t fully explain the appeal of true crime, but I’m definitely an addict! Partly, I think I am fascinated by the psychology of deviance (I was a psyc major after all). I enjoy pondering the whys and wherefores of human behavior. But, there is definitely more to it than that. I am an anxious person, a worrier, and on some level, I think knowing about the danger out there in the world makes me feel safer. It’s hard to explain. It’s like dragging the monster out into the open in some way reduces its power. Finally, I think I like true crime because in many instances the perpetrator has been caught. It’s affirmation that the good guys do win in the end — at least some of the time.

So, I’ve been listening to podcasts and progressing on my knitting, and that makes me feel like I’m accomplishing something. In many ways, quarantine life is like treading water. We’re all in this holding pattern just waiting for things to get better, and I am so grateful to have a hobby that keeps me busy and provides a sense of accomplishment. My knitting is a way to move forward even while we are all standing still.

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