Slow, but steady…

I’m making progress on Like a Cloud. I’m currently working on the main body ribbing — I probably have about 1.5 or 2 inches completed so far. Since I’ve been back to work, progress has been slow. Some days — many days — I don’t knit at all, and other days I might only get in a few rows. When I do have the chance to knit, I’m enjoying it though. The pattern is simple — perfect, relaxing, mindless knitting, and I think it will be an extremely wearable knit when I’m finished. This is the first time I’ve knit with fingering weight Cascade 220 — but it is every bit as wonderful as I expected it to be. This will likely become my new “go-to” fingering weight yarn.

Like a Cloud in Cascade 220 Fingering

This school year has been exhausting, and we’re only half-way through. I think most of us (teachers that is) are counting down the days to summer. Already. We’re all stretched pretty thin. The task — teaching in-person and virtual learners simultaneously, closing (pretty significant) academic gaps, dealing with unrealistic expectations and so much uncertainly — all with not nearly enough support, is wearing us down. Here in Texas, where schools have remained open for the most part, we are also dealing with staff shortages due to illness and quarantine and not nearly enough subs. I’m trying to enjoy my break — but there is an uncomfortable feeling — is it dread? — hanging over everything.

On a more positive note, I do have some new yarn and new projects on the horizon. I got a skein of Baby Alpaca Grande, which I am planning to use to knit Fenced In. This will be a replacement for my previous Fenced In that had an unfortunate run-in with the dryer! I also got 5 more skeins of Cascade 220 in fingering weight that I plan to use to make a Fox Paws scarf. From what I’ve read on Ravelry, this will be a fairly challenging pattern, so I probably won’t start this one until the summer. I’m super excited though!

Here’s hoping the new year brings health and happiness to us all!

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