Easter Sunday

Today is such a beautiful day. It is about 76 degrees and partly sunny. The temperature is forecast to drop quite a bit overnight, and tomorrow’s high will only be in the 50s, but for now it is absolutely lovely. We’ve had a pretty low-key Easter. Hubs did yard work in the morning and organized the garage. Older kid is working. He went in early because he earns time and a half and wanted the extra cash. Younger kid went for a walk with Ace and cleaned his bathroom! I guess you could say we are bored. LOL. I exercised and did some online shopping at ThredUP (my fav online thrift store). I also tried making whipped coffee this morning. It was…interesting. The ingredients are simple: equal parts instant coffee, sugar and hot water. You mix everything together so that the sugar and coffee dissolve in the water and then you whip it until it develops a fluffy consistency (it reminded me of marshmallow fluff) and turns a caramel brown. To serve, you fill a glass with ice and milk and spoon a couple tablespoons of whipped coffee on top. The consistency put me off a bit. The coffee didn’t dissolve into the milk as quickly as I expected and so it was kind of gloppy. The flavor was good though and it definitely had a caffeine kick!

Later hubs and I took the dogs on a walk (dogs are loving it today!) Now, hubs is making dinner and I’m sitting on the patio listening to the birds and getting ready to knit. I’m just staring the increases for the waist shaping on Derecho.

I haven’t knit much over the past week because I’ve been so busy with work. On Tuesday, we were informed that we would need to start posting video lessons each week. The expectation is still that the work is optional for students, but we need to be providing new content for those that are willing and able to access it.

Up until now, I’ve mainly been posting review activities in Seesaw. Creating teaching videos is a whole new animal and the learning curve has been pretty steep! I spent all day Thursday filming and refilming. I tried using a blank wall and masking tape to post the learning target and anchor chart, but the video quality was so poor that they were virtually unreadable. By the end of the day I was frustrated and defeated and ready to give up. Luckily, I mentioned my problems to a friend and she suggested I try Flipgrid. On Friday, I played around with some of the tools in Flipgrid and discovered the whiteboard feature. I was able to upload photos of my learning target and anchor chart so they appear on screen, and I ended up teaching the lesson that way. I think it turned out OK! Fortunately, my team and I divided up the work, each taking responsibility for one lesson, so I only had one video to create this week. And, now that I have a tool that works, next week should be better.

Well, I’m off to enjoy the remainder of this lazy Sunday. Talk soon!